Sidney Joseph                                                                                                                            Follow:

Genre: World Rock & Soul                                                                                                               Facebook @Sidney Joseph 

Hometown: Phoenixville,Pa                                                                                                           Twitter @Sidneyjoseph

Sprout Music Collective wants to support all local musicians in playing music for the love and passion of creating sounds that connects to their audience. Sprout’s local pick for the month of march is Sidney Joseph because we believe he is one of those musicians.

He’s happy to perform at any venue. Playing live is the ultimate positive experience for him,  being a musician. “I don’t need therapy or medication because playing music is therapy for me,” he says. “Sometimes I play a song and I’m exhausted, but it’s just what I needed.” The song he enjoys playing live the most is “Love Has the Power”

It’s tough to put a finger on Sidney Joseph’s style. Each tune sounds like it’s own individual statement. This Philly based singer/songwriter has cut his teeth in a variety of different genres. From Jamband to Hip-Hop. “I want to strip everything down to its bare essentials” Sidney says of his most recent songs . Currently Sidney is working with producer David Ivory (Eryka Badu,The Roots) Sidney’s strong vocals over simple acoustic arrangements really make the tracks sound timeless. With topics ranging from lost love to revolution. He really leaves no stone unturned.