Hometown: West Chester, PA

The members of WaveRadio consist of James McLaughlin who plays keys and key bass, Chris Cotter plays drums and Colin McGetrick plays guitar and lead vocals. All band members have steadily studied music since childhood James even followed through with a college degree. Chris studied with private drum teachers and Colin is mostly self taught but also took some college courses along the road. WaveRadio write, produce and record their music which is rare to find nowadays. Off their first album they have a song called Fix and Fasten which was co-authored with local writer and visual artist, Duncan Larkin. Their recordings have been made at TribeSound Records in West Chester and mastered at the Mastering House in Pottstown.

WaveRadio describes their music as experimental rock with elements of soul, classic, indie, alternative and psych rock. Pysch Rock can be left up to you to decide what it means after listening to their music. It must be good since they are the musicians of the month! Some of the musical influences they give credit to are Zepplin, The Doors, Debussy, Bach, Radiohead and Beck just to name a few. One of Wave Radio’s most memorable performances was Headling Wilmo Rock Circus 2013. It was their first bus trip and they sold just over 100 tickets. One can only imagine how exciting that must have been! The personal advice that WaveRadio would give to anyone pursuing a music ca207734_164384703620449_1581203_nreer is, “be patient, believe in yourself and support your local scene.” You always have to support the local scene because most famous musicians were once just a local kid with a dream. When asked about the local scene in West Chester WaveRadio said, “The Scene in West Chester is coming back strong. There’s a strong sense of community and support going on, with some great bands, singer songwriters and overall great players around. We are lucky to be surrounded by such talent.”

August 8th at Syke’s Theater, WCU: World Premier of “Refugee: The Eritrean Exodus,” a documentary by WaveRadio’s Chris Cotter featuring music by WaveRadio. Doors open at 7:00pm, show starts at 8:00pm

Come see them live at Sprout Music collective on July 25th!

Contact WaveRadio:

Website: www.waveradiomusic.com

Facebook: WaveRadio