Hey Sprout  friends,

This is a very important message and we want to share with you a few things.. as you all know we operate under a Cater Club license……/lice…/documents/form/001901.pdf…..

Becoming a New Member:

This link above will give you all an in depth description of how we must operate and why someone times we have to turn people down at the door. To ensure we do NOT turn people down at the door we really suggest that before you come to the club you either go to ROOTS CAFE and sign up for your membership or come to Sprout Music Collective one day prior to the event you will be attending and sign up. (*even though the day you sign up for your membership you will not yet be a member). Also we have implemented a new and easier way for you to sign up to become a future member by calling (215)-316-9891 we will have our membership director sign you up over the phone (*once again you must sign up prior to the day of the event you are attending to ensure the membership is voted in and cleared).

Steps to becoming a Member:

  1. Call our membership director at (215)-316-9891 or stop in to Sprout Music Collective or Roots Cafe during business hours.
  2. After 24 hours of our approval process you will be able to enter Sprout Music Collective as official member. (bring two guests!)
  3. Upon entrance you will receive your Sprout Music Collective Membership Card to be shown at the door.
  4. Read our about what Sprout Music Collective’s Memberships offer. Click HERE.
  5. Sign up for Sprout Music Collective’s Email list on either the home page or events page to get upcoming events, new cocktails & beer list.

Coming as a Guest:

If you are not planning on becoming a member and were invited to a private event, please make sure you sign up with the third party, band or member by reply/message us on Facebook with your name and event you are attending, this will allow us to add you to our ‘guest’ list and ensure access as a non-member to whatever private club event you are attending; and still be able to enjoy all our club has to offer.



We apologize for any inconvenience with these methods of allowing you to enjoy the music and arts that the club provides, but we must operate within the state and club laws.

We wish nothing more then for everyone who truly appreciates and enjoys live music to sign up and come in and enjoy themselves buy supporting the live arts and music of this area.

Thank you again so so so very much for all of your support as members, we are asking for your continued support to let your friends know about signing up prior to each event or message/ call us so that we can get you into the club. Your attendance and support enables us to continue to book local, original, and touring musicians artists and events that strengthen the arts and culture within our community. Once again thank you so much we could not do this without our members!