Hey Sprout Members,

501 Dart Nights Wednesday, October 12th & 19th sign ups at 7:30pm, $3 draft beers for all players!

October 12th: Live Music by Darryl Keith & EB Hawkins at 8:00pm!

October 19th: Live Music by Johhny Never at 8:00pm!

We have added some new additions to the club to make its a better experience and of those awesome new additions is two cork dart boards. We also added, shuffle board, TV & a jukebox, new food menu and new infused liquor shots.

We want to start off a Dart Night playing 501 to get a feel of all the members who will be interested, then we will start to create a league on Thursday Nights around the same time! But to kick it off it will be free to sign up and theĀ first person to get 0 wins. We will have a ref and a bracket with everyone names and current scores to keep track until we get a winner!

Rules to 501:

Everyone starts with 501 points, each player will get 3 darts per turn to throw. The first player to hit exactly zero wins the game.

Dart Board Points:


Hope to see some players come out and have a good time!